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Issue Alerts

All recent Issue Alerts can be found below. Please visit the Michigan Poverty Law Program for an archive of older Issue Alerts.  Issue Alert 14-04-01 - Heat & Utility Allowance Beginning May 1, 2014, DHS will not automatically use the standard heat and utility allowance when Read More »


Drug Offender Provision in FY 2012 Frequently Asked Questions On FIP Time Limit State Disability Assistance For Some Former FIP Households Read More »

Outreach Materials and Important Information

Hunger/Food FAP ONLY Initial Application Denial NOCA Client flyer Cut off Food Assistance (FAP) because "You failed to verify information" at Redetermination? Child Nutrition Re-authorization Comment - 5/20/08 FAP Verification Food Stamp Access in Urban Read More »

60 Month Time Limit Lawsuit

Important Notice to People Cut off FIP Cash Assistance under the 60-month Time Limit Most Recent Updated Information Court Order September 21, 2012 Class Notice DHS Notice April 27, 2012 Circuit Court Decision March 28, 2012 Circuit Court Order April 10, 2012 Read More »